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VIP терминал «Domodedovo Business Aviation Center»

Company Vip Global Service present a new VIP terminal«Domodedovo Business Aviation Center», which  provides the highest service for the most demanding clients.

VIP терминал Domodedovo Business Aviation Center

Terminal "Domodedovo Business Aviation Center" is located in a separate complex  with comfortable access for cars and private car park. The location is away from main terminal building and other airport facilities provides the maximum privacy, confidentiality and security of passengers. The terminal is equipped with separate reception and a customs post; you can arrive at any time, without formalities  register on their personal or provided by our company transport to drive up to the ramp.

Even if you fly a regular flight,   but wish to avoid the bustle of the crowded waiting room, you can use the services of our company, passing through all necessary registration procedures in the terminal "Domodedovo Business Aviation Center".


After a flight registration, we offer you to take a rest expecting flight in the comfortable rooms or one of the meeting rooms of our business terminal. Spend time and relax in our cozy bar. In the waiting area there are a DVD cinema with 3-local cabins with comfortable sits, widescreen TV screens, music players and headphones. There is non-stop internet facilities with Wi-Fi covering the whole territory of the airport. Many famous photographers co-operate with Domodedovo Art gallery situated in departure lounge.

VIP терминал Domodedovo Business Aviation Center

The VIP terminal organize meetings of the passengers arriving to the Domodedovo airport by regular flights.
You will be delivered in "Domodedovo Business Aviation Center" by comfortable transport, here You will be able to go through the procedures of border and customs registration, as well as get your Luggage.

More than hundreds of terminal staff provide non-stop service of VIP-passengers, aircrafts and their crews. A distinctive feature of the business aviation center is  the individual approach and the fulfilment of any wishes of the client.


To ensure the comfort of the Vip Global Service offers the following services:

  • Transfer city/airport/city
  • Booking hotels at the airport route
  • Submission of a car to the aircraft
  • Supporting Manager who will assist during your entire stay in the terminal, take orders and answer all your questions

Conditions and procedure for providing services:

  • Service for passengers of regular flights are carried out only on the basis of previously submitted applications and assuming 100% advance payment of the cost of services.
  • The application must contain the name and telephone of contact person, form of payment for services ordered, the name of the airline, the route and number of flight, date and scheduled time of arrival/departure to/from Domodedovo airport, the passengers list, indicating name and surname of each passenger.
  • Application for passenger ‘service of passengers of regular flights should be sent to the CBA at least 5 hours prior to the commencement of the service (scheduled time of departure/arrival from/to the airport Domodedovo). Applications sent in less time, may not be accepted.
  • Booked services on service of passengers of regular flights to the CBA must be paid in full size, no later than 4 hours before scheduled time of departure/arrival from/to the airport Domodedovo. There is no service for unpaid applications
  • The customer can cancel the booked service not later than 2.5 hours before the start of the service (scheduled time of departure/arrival from/to the airport Domodedovo). Refusal of Services is made in any written form with details of the revoked order. In this case, the refund is made in full. If cancellation of the reserved services in less time, penalties are applied: for service of arriving passengers is equal to 100% of the cost of service in respect of service of departing passengers – 50% of the cost of service.
  • Passengers departing on an international flight should arrive in terminal of the CBA no later than 1 hour 50 minutes before scheduled time of departure; internal flight – not less than 50 minutes before scheduled departure time. In the case of the passenger's arrival at the terminal of the CBA in less than the specified time, the service is not fully guaranteed.
  • The CBA isn’t responsible for the refusal of the airline to accept a passenger for carriage for any reason, the cost of services departing passenger shall not be refunded.
  • In case of refusal of the passenger at the border of the Russian Federation state border control on arrival or on departure, the cost of services arriving/departing passenger shall not be refunded.

Location map
VIP зал, Домодедово

The real business class category begins with a VIP terminal "Domodedovo Business Aviation Center".
Service cost is 300 $ (payment in roubles at a Central Bank rate+2% on the day of payment). This is a price cost for a passenger under 12 years of age and older. The cost of servicing a passenger aged 6 to 12 years is 50% of the fare. Service passengers under 6 years is for free.

For any questions please contact us by phone +7 (495) 660 2000,
E-mail or you can leave the application on our website.

We will obligatory contact you!

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