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Vip Global Service

We make dreams come true, creating a new way of life. For regular customers system creates loyalty cards (standard, gold, platinum), make orders through the company's website.

VIP cards makes you feel a privileged Client of the company with special services and benefits, available to cardholders of the Vip Global Service.

Client’s cards of Vip Global Service divide into two categories:

  1. Standard
  2. Gold

Standard card – is a card of a client Vip Global Service. Issued at the first order in the company Vip Global Service all services cost from the $ 5,000.

  • booking of any services
  • 1.5% discount on all services Vip Global Service.

Gold card  – is a card of a client Vip Global Service. With a gold card Vip Global Service you will discover unique possibilities, and what once seemed unattainable will become much closer and more accessible.
Conditions of purchase:
There are two programs of issue of the card:
1.Issued for orders of 50.000$ all of the company's services.
2.Buy card worth the $ 5,000 per year.

  • Free courier service within Moscow and the Moscow region, to the signing of the contract and payment of offered services.
  • The provision of free personal management for booking of any service, including abroad, at the highest level in all spheres of activity.
  •  5% discount on all services Vip Global Service.

We do not offer trivial solutions and aren’t not usual in this environment intermediaries.
Traditional European quality and attention to peculiarities of the national culture allows the Vip Global Service professionals to develop a personal program of life style management for each Client, based on optimum combination of Your interests and key directions of our activity.
“If you want to have success, you should look as if you have it”.
 (Thomas Moore)