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River cruises of Russia

River cruises (crossing  the rivers and lakes) on the territory of Russia can be made  in one direction or along the circular route. This popular type of tourism allows you to see the country, enjoy its unique nature. You get  impressions from such magic stay no less than from expensive foreign trips. Traveling along the Volga, you can see many ancient Russian cities, enjoy picturesque banks of the longest European river.

Cruising The Volga is a universal  type of active and passive recreation, which is suitable also for those who doesn’t prefer  grueling tours, but would like to see a maximum  of various attractions. Here you can relax with your family, friends, spend a honeymoon, and even to enjoy  staying by yourself — all conditions  are  created for every taste to satisfy.

River cruises along the Moscow river, the Oka, the Kama, Belaya, Ladoga and Onega lakes are no less interesting.