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Gift Certificate

Everyone ask that question al least once a half a year,- what to give?

Jewelry, money, clothes – all it already was.
How about you give a travel?



To dothat, we need to know where and when dear person wants to go. And it will be no surprise any more.
The Vip Global Service found out of the situation and ready to introduce to You a gift certificate for a trip.
What does it mean?

You buy a designer envelope with a plastic card denomination for a certain amount, sign a contract with the Vip Global Service, and a gift is waiting for its moment!
The birthday boy, the graduate, the bride will decide for themselves when and where to go.
And the Vip Global Service will help make the original tour and consider all requests.

And there would no need to guess if person wanted round the world trip with friends by car or a week-long cruise for him and his lover!

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